Your MaD Thing

Let’s change the conversation.

Each of these concepts – purpose, passion, calling – have an underlying thread of religion or spirituality that is suggested. That works for some people whose search is spiritual or founded in a religion. 

This book is titled “What The F*ck Was I Meant To Do?”, for two reasons. First, for the shock and awe and attention that might have caused you to pick up or discard the book. Second, so the conversation is founded in you – the true you. If that includes a spiritual foundation, that is your choice. This approach allows you to follow your own path, rather than be led by those who have other intentions or interpretations. 

To that end, understand that the reason for a search for your What The F*ck Was I Meant To Do thing, is ultimately to make a difference in the world that is your sphere of influence.

I have initialized Make a Difference to the acronym: MaD.

From now on in this book, your purpose/passion/calling will be referenced as your “MaD thing”.

Now, on to discover your MaD thing!

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