You have come to the wrong place if you want someone to hand you the answer to “What The F*ck Was I Meant To Do?” on a silver platter, or even tied with a colorful ribbon. 

The answer to that question requires being actively engaged in the search.

Are you willing?

This book, the speaking session from Trevor, and his coaching sessions and workshops, are all designed to guide your journey to find the answer. There are thoughts to read, questions to answer, conversations to be had – built to mentor you in your search.

What you will do to Make a Difference?
In the world that is your sphere of influence?

I encourage you to engage in the activities here. I encourage you to be actively searching. This process can result in a most amazing revelation, and inspire you to live an extraordinary life and achieve all your goals and dreams.

You’ll find the answers when you engage fully. The choice is yours.

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