What the..?

In the world where a swear word can divide, alienate, cause conflict, and generally piss people off, there has been a trend to books with titles that include: sh!t, f*ck, d!ck. There have been entire opinion articles around this phenomenon, to help explain it.

It turns out, however, that there is no need. People who are offended by swear words are not open to hearing the message under the awfulness of the language. 

I once introduced a speech and made a point of noting that I used to pre-apologize for offending people, but that time had passed. I suggested that the audience, if they heard the word “fuck” in a session, if they immediately shut down, they might miss a message that could be one that resonates with them. Within two minutes, an audience member stood up, left, went straight to the HR department for the company, and reported me for swearing. 

It’s not these people who will get this message. 

In a world where we are acclimatized to violence, swearing, and other disgusting things, it takes a little shock and awe to stand out. And in this case, it is the entire title “What the F*ck Was I Meant To Do?” that is in your face.


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