Humans tend to look for the get rich quick scheme – the easy way. You might even be here looking for the easy solution to what seems a difficulty task. And most self-improvement schemes offer complex and complicated programs, requiring lots of your money to be spent. I always ask who the beneficiary of that program is, and oftentimes the clear answer is the program deliverer 

Change IS difficult. Self-improvement always requires change. Humans, especially adult humans, do not adapt to change quickly or easily.

Let’s step back a little and look at how change works.

First, you must know where you are headed.
Next, you must know where you are.
Finally, you can determine a path, a roadmap, a program to get you from where you are to where you are headed.


This process is called strategy. It helps you look at a situation – which can be personal or business, for example – and establishes a very simple framework to follow.

Deciding Your MaD Thing appears, on the surface, to be the most difficult step. It will take time. It might be a moment in time, while doing the work, when a light goes off and you find the answer. It may be an inkling of an idea, that gradually takes shape and form as you do the work. 

All in all, it requires you do the work. If you are engaged in the process, it is not particularly easy or difficult.. Follow the steps, observe you and your behavior, learn about yourself, and the answer will appear.


Looking at where you are, this part is not really difficult from the big picture. You know more about you than anyone else. You can taste personality tests from multiple sources. You can ask friends, family, co-workers to provide you feedback about you, your strengths and weaknesses, your foibles, your idiosyncrasies – the list is long.


Of course, the difficult part is to be truthful about your self. It’s truly not easy be honest about yourself – you will exaggerate your strengths and understate your weaknesses. Being aware of this difficulty can reduce any pain or awkwardness of this part of the process. 

While you may not have a legally binding confidential relationship with yourself or your coach, trusting the person who is your guide will open many doors for you. Considering what you have to gain – a rich extraordinary life, the fear of sharing the truth of you is mitigated. 


Once this work is done, a roadmap is built with you. The path may be complex, but it will be the steps you need to take to achieve your goals and dreams and live an extraordinary life. The roadmap steps will be designed in the right sequence for you to focus on each one in turn. Your personal roadmap will cater to your skills, your likes, your wishes, your talents, your life, and allow you to work at a pace suitable for your life situation and life experiences. 


Ultimately, the process is far more simple than it is made out to be by those looking for your money. From the big picture, it is truly simple – just three steps.

To help keep this strategic process simple at all times, consider a smiley face.

The left eye is where you are today
The right eye is where you are headed
The smile is the path you will take

The key, then, to uncovering What The F*ck You Were Meant To Do, is YOU.



No matter what process or program you are tasting, until you make a commitment to that process – a commitment to fully engage yourself, the process can feel difficult. When you are fully committed, the most difficult part is the patience you need to find the answer. 

With that commitment; with YOU; this is the EASY way…

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