The World

When talking about finding Your MaD Thing, some people express a concern that changing “the world” sounds a little daunting.

Even in the entirety of history, the number of people who have actually had an impact on the whole world is few.

Consider instead, that the world in this context, is defined as the “world that is in your sphere of influence”. That might be your family, your immediate circle of friends, your school, your church, your community, your neighborhood, or for some people, your country.

It could also be just you. The world that is your sphere of influence is your own choice. It may expand or grow and evolve at some point, and that will be your decision.

So when someone asks “what difference will you make in the world”, hear them asking “what difference will you make in the world that is your sphere of influence”.

Remember this always. Together, our sphere of influence is much larger than each of ours alone.

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