Each of us is a unique human. Each of us has a unique combination of experiences, adventures, talents, skills, perspective, strength, weaknesses, idiosyncrasies – so many traits combine to build the unique human that you are.

With this uniqueness, you have the ability to impact the world that is your sphere of influence. The question many people ask is “what is that?”. We are often asked what our “purpose” is, or our “passion”, or our “calling”. And often we don’t know.

And when we are asked what our purpose/passion/calling is, there are suggestions that we are deficient in some way if we do not have an immediate ready answer. There is no one you must answer to, other than yourself, in regard to this question. And, if you do not have an answer, there is no pressure to find and offer one.

If you are not ready or willing or have a desire to find your purpose/passion/calling, let no one require otherwise of you. This choice is entirely your own.

If you are seeking for the answer to finding your purpose/passion/calling, then you have challenged yourself and the next step is to actively engage in the search. This book is another self-help book, and is simply one more way to taste the process to see what suits you.

If you know the answer to finding your purpose/passion/calling, you are one of the very few. Cherish this knowledge. Build a roadmap to follow, and make a difference in the world that is your sphere of influence.

Know this. If you know, or when you know, your purpose/passion/calling, it will change. Certainly, it will evolve over time, as you learn more about yourself, your purpose/passion/calling, and how you are following it. For some people, life experiences and defining moments can steer you in unexpected directions.

Embrace this journey, be open to what the universe brings, and evolve.

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