An earlier working version of this book was titled “Finding Your Passion”. It was not completely accurate, due to the multiple definitions of the word “passion”. As you may have noticed, the title is quite different, and what we seek is called “Your MaD Thing”.

Passion itself is a key to finding Your MaD Thing, as we’ll discover in Part III of this book. This immediately causes some disconnect that needs clarification.

There are many definitions of “passion”, and here we’ll cover three.

1. Your purpose, your calling

Your MaD Thing. 

Here, passion can be seen as a higher purpose for your life. It is recognized as something you would apply long term action with long term impact. It may be your vocation, your profession, your trade. It is often referenced as a calling or a summons, regularly in reference to a deity.

“My passion is to make a difference in this world.”

2. A strong or extravagant fondness or an enthusiasm. 

“I am passionate about books.”

3. The object of such a fondness or desire

“Books are my passion.”

This book is intended to help you find your passion according to definition 1. As was previously mentioned, we’ll continue to reference this definition as “Your MaD Thing”.

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