As you will learn when you attempt to change a habit, awareness is the key.

So, too, is working to find the answer to “What The F*ck Was I Meant To Do?”. If you wish to discover Your MaD Thing, you’ll need to be aware that this is an activity you have chosen and are a willing participant.

Finding the answer to this question requires activity, including quite a pile of proactivity. With awareness, you’ll find yourself engaged more in this journey. Without awareness, your search will be disjointed and sporadic, lose relevant information, and most likely, never end. 

For most people, awareness typically requires a trigger. This trigger will be something unique to you that causes your brain to remember you are on a search for Your Mad Thing.

This list includes some of the ways people have used to raise their own awareness.

A tattoo in a visible location.
Jewelry that is put on every day.
A rubber wriststrap to snap for focus.
Tape on your reading glasses.
Notes taped to your bathroom mirror. 
A sticker on your coffee pot.

Choose your trigger to suit you.

Ultimately, being aware of your goal will be a key to discovery and bringing them to life.

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