Humans -all of us – are often on a search for our passion, our purpose, our calling. Some of us have found it. Some of us have found a guide to lead us – whether it be some ‘master’, a religion, a spiritual leader, our parents. Others are complacently unaware that there is such a thing.

And some of us are searching. We WANT a passion, a purpose, a calling…

At issue are the words – passion, purpose, calling. Quite often, these concepts are promoted by religious organizations. Or, they may be uttered from the mouths of modern day prophets/prophetesses. Also, they are sold by self-help gurus, where the only people being helped are the ones taking your money. 
Many of us are still searching. Nothing seems to fit quite right. Nothing seems to suit me the way ~I~ want. 
What is needed is a personal approach. What is needed is an ability for us to find our own path, not one travelled by the masses, the gullible, or the foolish. What is needed is something for ~me~.

What better than a book titled “What the F*ck Was I Meant To Do?”

In this book, you won’t find the standard self-help processes for you to become successful, make money, have a large house, or be famous.
In this book, you will find steps to follow that will allow you to find what on earth you were meant to do.
If you follow these steps, it is YOU who will be able to determine your passion, your purpose, your calling.

It will require some discipline from you. As with everything in your world, you are responsible. It is up to you to take the steps that will change your life. It is up to you to face the change head-on and say yes to overcoming fear.

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