How to Use these Books

Read Book 1. Recognition as a stand alone book.
– It is preparation for your journey of discovery.

Answer all the Questions in Book 2. Reflection.
– Do not read further until you have attempted all the answers.
– This section is about YOU
– The information in Book 3. Resolution should not influence your answers in any way.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO READ Book 3. Resolution.


Take your time to finish the questions. This section could take you several days to complete. Or, it may take weeks.

Find a small notebook that fits in your pocket or whatever you carry with you every day – a purse, a briefcase, a tablet case. Carry a pen in a convenient place. Pull them out whenever an idea hits, and record it for future use. Take time when you are having a break or a coffee, and write your answers to the questions in Book 2. Reflection.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO READ Book 3. Resolution.


Write each question at the top of a single page, then leave 2 more blank pages to answer each question.

Avoid typing your answers into a device. If a mobile device is what you have with you all the time, find an app where you can write with a stylus and record all the questions and answers on individual pages or images.

Do not read Book 3. Resolution.


When you believe you have finished answering all the questions in Book 2. Reflection, spend some time reviewing them on your own. If you feel you can trust someone close, review your answers with them also.


Read Book 3. Resolution.

Engage in awareness and action.
DO something relevant to your journey of discovery.

Be sure to take appropriate breaks and moments for balance.

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